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Automated Guardians of the Good? Algorithms impact in the exercise of rights

As a major part of the Internet phenomena, Algorithms and Big Data are shaping the human experience. They are key elements in everyday life, like commuting to your work, finding what to eat or give you relevant results on an internet search engine, as well in deep institutional issues, like getting credit, security, law-enforcement, justice or the exercise of political rights. That means that society has to deal with algorithms and Big Data not only as technical solutions but as part of how we exercise our rights and shape the future society. On the other, there is no agreement on what approach is more appropriate and fair to address this issue. What are the foundations of this approaches? What sort of incentives and dynamics they propose? Do we need a Governance model for Algorithms? The world has the challenge of creating a framework to analyze, debate and solve the problematics around the new role in society that algorithms and big data have. This workshop aims to give a framework for that debate, setting the state of the art and proposing interpretations and problematics for the Multi-stakeholder debate of the issue.

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